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Available every day of the week, your pharmacist is a great partner who looks after your health and well-being. Learn more about your pharmacist’s professional skills, role, and range of services.

Vaccination Services
If you need protection against the Flu or other common diseases such as shingles, HPV, tetanus or pneumococcal infections, turn to your pharmacist for expertise. Some vaccines can even be administered on site. If you are travelling and need to get protected from foreign or tropical diseases as well, visit your pharmacist.

Flu Shots
Vaccines against Common Diseases
Travel Vaccines

Prescription Services
Your pharmacist can prescribe medication for minor health problems right away or help you manage the medication you take for a chronic condition, safely.

Prescription Transfer
Minor Conditions
Chronic Conditions
Medication Safety

Prescription Services
To make medication taking easier and help you obtain the best results possible, you can customize the format, the size and even the flavour of some medication according to your preferences when possible. See how your pharmacist can personalize your medication, for a treatment adapted to your needs and lifestyle.

Therapy Adjustment
Personalized Medication
Personalized Packaging

Wellness Consultation Services
For pharmacists, your health is their priority. You can turn to them for advice on how to reach your wellness objectives and for private consultations to assess your personal situation. They can also accompany you through life-changing events.

Travel Health
Pregnancy and Maternity
Smoking Cessation

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